Ekstasis: The Return of the Sovereign Heart

The Return of the Sovereign Heart contains two interesting plots; one happening in real time while the other is narrated as a story. David was a successful movie actor and director but the loss of his wife and son left him devastated. However, with too many sad memories to battle with, he felt it was time to switch career and embrace architectural design. As he boarded Air France Flight 72, en-route Los Angeles, it presented an opportunity to read a great book.

Characters in the book include Ericka, Jenny, Francine, Jacques, Carole, Martha, Marc, Rosaline, Marcelo, Simone, Ted, Elma, Leela, Frashad, Raja-Manu and many others.

Ericka wasn’t considered attractive and even her parents thought she looked like a boy. Her situation was made worse when she couldn’t make good grades at school and was left at the mercy of her father’s constant rage. As if that wasn’t enough grief already, Ericka suffered a rape incident. Despite all the setbacks she suffered while growing up, Erica wasn’t deterred and with her spiritual guides, she was able to rediscover her true self.

At 808 pages, this book is indeed quite voluminous, but one would hardly get tired of reading as each turn of the page brings something new and interesting.


BIO: Mahayana I. Dugast, Ph.D. (Metaphysical Science USA), Author, Mentor & Founder of NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ (NBR™) with over 30 years of experience.

Mahayana is the Founder of NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ (NBR™), a self-realization practice designed to increase your connection with your Inner Being so you can benefit from guidance, intuition and foresight. All key attributes to navigate your life and highlight the steps you must take to create your heart’s desire. Personal or professional.

She is also the author of several self-help books, and a first novel, Ekstasis – The Return of the Sovereign Heart, book I of the Ekstasis Trilogy.

Genre: Inspirational, Science Fiction