The Trump Affair – Part 1

Satirical books can be funny and often aimed at bringing to the fore, the bad character of a public figure. However, The Trump Affair is one hell of a classic book that is highly entertaining and could make you to …


The book will certainly give young people an insight into what went down during that interesting period of global history, while also offering older folks the opportunity to reminisce with nostalgia. 


The book has a rich plot and fairly developed characters, and with the author’s elaborate way of describing scenes, all combined to make it captivating.
Genre: …


The book is quite thrilling and as a Sci-Fi, the use of advanced equipment/gadgets, especially by the Unity State was common such as the CORE, O.A, implants, robots, R-ships, Bio-Generated-Interface and CRNA—zombie troopers which is complimented with a number of …

Blind Trust

Family intrigues as well as international politics involving belligerent nations must be overcome if Japan’s damaged LNG infrastructure must be repaired, which of course is the ultimate goal.