Exile’s Escape is a fictional work with a futuristic dateline of events that occurred around 2127 and 2129, in what used to be referred as United States of America, but now divided into two separate states known as The Democratic Unity and The Restructured States of America—Fallout of American intervention in the 3rd Iraqi War that ended in disaster for the United States. The combined forces of Iraq, Pakistan and Iran had unleashed nuclear arsenals that wiped out American forces and years after, a revolution and rash of coups ensued that led to the dismembering of the USA.

The plot centers largely on Malila Evanova Chiu as she sought to be free from the oppressive forces of the Unity State, long after child protective services took custody of her based on allegations of gross child abuse leveled against her parents, and ultimately her encounter with Jesse Johnstone. However, the story is told from the perspective of several characters contained in the book, such as; Jesse Aaron Johnstone, Lieutenant General Eustace Tilley Jourdaine, Speaker—the plant man,   Hecate Hester Jones, Jeremiah Rhedd, David Roberts, Eddie etc.

The book is quite thrilling and as a Sci-Fi, the use of advanced equipment/gadgets, especially by the Unity State was common such as the CORE, O.A, implants, robots, R-ships, Bio-Generated-Interface and CRNA—zombie troopers which is complimented with a number of diverse characters as well as a futuristic plot that has political undertones, albeit farfetched.


BIO: Born in Chicago and raised outside Philadelphia, Clark, a physician, has taught and practiced intensive care for newborn infants on four continents and eight countries, as he continues to do after more than forty-five years on the job. He lives with his bride of over 40 years in Alabama. He has been an avid solo hiker, backpacker, and climber since he was a mere lad of 11. Some of his stories are true.
He has traveled extensively to Rwanda, Kenya, India, Ecuador, Zambia, and Ghana as a volunteer physician.
“Outland Exile,” a Pinnacle award recipient, (iUniverse, Oct 2015) and ExilesEscape (Indigo River Feb 2018 and also a Pinnacle awardee) are the first two of an expected five-book series called “Old Men and Infidels” centering on aging, medical care, drug use, cybernetics, society and faith in a future dystopian America.
The third book (Malila of the Scorch) was released Nov 2019.

Genre: Dystopian, Political, Science Fiction
Series: Old Men and Infidels |