READING MATTERS: How Literature Influences Life

The WW11 and events that surround it is one of the greatest incidents that have befallen man in recorded history. This book did a good job of unraveling other aspects of that enormous tragedy by integrating the mind structure with the socio-political events of that era especially as it gave rise to certain omissions and commissions. Would the outcome have been any different if the Germans acted differently to the Nazi regime?

The first story focused on a weird relationship between Michael, a teenage boy and Hanna, a woman that pretended to be his helper but had ulterior motives.

Reading Matters is a masterpiece literature that also analyzed excerpts from books written by other authors as well as their worldviews on issues of global interest, over the ages.  Works of great philosophers like Plato, Aristotle and Socrates were equally studied in relation to how they affected the larger society during those times.

This book is highly enlightening and would expose readers to important issues they probably never thought about!


BIO: Janet Levine has decades of writing experience as an author and freelance journalist. Author of five published books, see details on her website, her fifth and latest book, Reading Matters: How Literature Influences Life, is available now.

Genre: Literary Fiction, Non-Fiction, Psychological