This book is a true life story about a woman who took extraordinary steps in order to communicate more meaningfully with animals.

Fictional stories as well as movies have been acted that depict random animal characters as having the ability to think, communicate or express certain emotions in a more advanced way that are often seen as the exclusive preserve of humans. However, Naomi was able to prove beyond reasonable doubts, that animals actually do all these in real life!

Naomi could communicate with her two pets named Sarah and Luke, as well as various other animals she came across almost as effectively as she would with humans.

By relating more deeply with animals, attending special schools and by also applying the laws of Quantum Physics, she was able to overcome her initial fears and doubts, and the outcome was magical results that proved both fascinating and factual.

The interesting part of it all, as shown by the author, is that everyone already have such innate ability to communicate with animals either through clairaudience/hearing, clairvoyance/seeing or clairsentience/feeling.

This book is highly recommendable, especially to animal lovers, pet owners or just anyone who desires to understand or communicate with animals more effectively—it will reveal a lot of things that will certainly amaze you!

Genre: Paranormal