Margaret Anne: Child of the West Wind

When a Black plantation worker gave birth to a light skinned girl in an obscure cabin, there was bound to be a problem considering it was the middle of 19th century in Carolina, United States. Beyond the dark cold night, tragedy lurked in the shadows. Margaret Anne, dubbed the miracle baby was destined to survive it all. However, as she grew up, she became determined in helping to restore dignity to the long oppressed black community—even at the risk of being jailed or hanged.

Who could have believed that the rich and famous Mr. Edward Calhoun was the father of Margaret Anne, the third daughter of a Haitian immigrant (who was the daughter of an Irish preacher and an African seamstress).? However, despite the dictates of Jim Crow, the local politics and feelings of his mother, he wasn’t ready to abandon his child.

Characters in the book include Doctor Bailey, Miss Jeanne, Mistress Meara, Stanton Oglethorpe, Miss Reedy, Mayor Turner, Miss Maime, Miss Oriana, Mr. O’Keefe and Amos among others.

Child of the West Wind is a captivating book that recounted ordeals of African Americans during the slave trade era—a story that needs to be told!


BIO: Ronan James Cassidy is a classically trained author who has spent time living in various regions throughout the United States. His primary field of interest is colonial literature from the Americas, Ireland, Africa, and India. Mr. Cassidy also possesses a graduate degree in finance and spent several years studying the evolution of the current monetary order. Ronan was inspired to write Margaret Anne and the Redemption series that follows as a loose yet captivating metaphor for his journey towards devoted faithfulness to God and the tearing down of the veils of deceit so rampant in the modern age.

Genre: Historical Fiction