Away To Me, My Love

Overall, Away to me, My Love is a very well written novel that holds hours of thrilling and compelling storyline. The author does a wonderful job in building an exciting narrative that leaves readers at the edge of their seats. From beginning to end, Away to Me, My Love causes the reader to feel warmhearted toward its characters. The author builds a poetic atmosphere with its audience in which they feel comfortable and content but yearn to know what comes next. This complex tale of twisting turns and adventure is for any reader. Yet, the writing is easy to understand and defined for those who are desperately seeking a well-written story to whisk them away.

Naomi McDonald has released a book based on her experience with her Border Collie, Luke, and competing in Herding. This book looks at the ups and downs of owning a BC, being a newcomer to Herding competitions and her journey healing her past. I enjoyed the journey, cried tears, and have thought a lot since reading this book. I recommend it for those with an open mind, thinking about a different path in dog sports and who enjoy the love of a great dog along the journey.
Naomi’s writing captures your imagination and transports you into this vivid, exciting, heart centered story of the deep soul bond she and her dog, Luke shared. Her vulnerability in sharing her personal journey from wounding to empowerment woven amidst the fast paced, challenging and skills heavy world of sheepdog trials as she and Luke develop into an intuitive, deeply connected, synchronized team makes for an incredibly engaging story. The love, healing and empowerment their connection and re-connection brings, along with the spiritual practices she embraces to delve deeper into this powerful soul to soul connection literally made my heart soar. This book gave me a deeper understanding of my own connection with my dog, and I am sure it will for you as well. I could not put this book down until I was done. Pets are not only family members but sometimes communicate important life lessons…..a great story about just that.

There is something so very special about the bond between Naomi and her Border Collie, Luke. The story grips you from start to finish. I didn’t want it to end. Very, very heartwarming. Do yourself a favor and read the extraordinary story of love and devotion. The author weaves a magical tale of heartbreak and triumph with her beloved Border Collie, Luke. I found myself crying and laughing with all the adventures she and Luke had together. Many of the life lessons Luke helped Naomi to learn made me feel so much gratitude to my own beloved companion. Away to me, my love is a wonderful real-life story about Naomi and her sheepdog Luke. It made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. This book is not merely a pleasure to read but also has to offer great lessons of life that can help you to master your own.

Overall, this is a wonderfully lovely tale of heart. The characters are beautifully drawn, and I was glued to every word. Naomi writes with a deep understanding of the sweeter side of the human heart and the appeal of human emotion. This beautiful book brought me to tears… the love that the characters had, and the beauty that came of the characters’ journeys. Throughout the text, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief and warmth. The protagonist herself adds profound insight as to the connection between her and her sweet dog.

Genre: Non-Fiction