The Weight Loss Ladder: Let’s Un-complicate Fitness

In contemporary times, the issue of being overweight, obese or the need to be fit and in shape has remained in the consciousness of many people. This has given rise to lots of people seeking for practical ways of achieving good result. In trying to meet demand, there have been lots of books, audio, video etc all created to help people achieve their objective of shedding excess weight and being fit and healthy. While some are truly effective and very helpful with encouraging results, others are not. However, The Weight Loss Ladder belongs to the category of Fitness Books that are comprehensive and result orientated.

I have read lots of fitness books and many of them usually repeat monotonous exercises and steps people should take, and more often than not, they don’t seem to factor in individual peculiarities in their one-size-fits-all recommendations. However, this is where The Weight Loss Ladder seems to be refreshingly different. The book is actually holistic and practical in nature, and above all is written like a novel which makes it more interesting and unique to understand and follow-up. Although, on the flip side, one may argue that the plot structure is somewhat very basic especially in terms of its simplistic and very detailed description.

There is no doubt about the fact that The Weight Loss Ladder is highly recommendable as a guide to help anyone achieve positive result in the journey of being fit and healthy looking.

Another noticeable downside of The Weight Loss Ladder is in the area of poor editing, the book contains quite a number of grammar and tense errors that ought to have been fixed by the editor/proofreader before going to print.

The Weight Loss Ladder can pass off as a thrilling novel as well, and the author actually did a great job of using very relatable characters such as Prachi, a loving mother who is courteous and respectful, and who is desirous of maintaining a good shape after child bearing as well as Pavan, a veteran jolly good fellow who is willing to be Prachi’s guide and equally teach her the steps to take in order to achieve effective results. Therefore, everyone can indeed enjoy the book as a novel and not just a guide toward achieving weight reduction.

I think it’s a smart idea by the author, Kneller Fernandes in using two main characters as personified by Prachi and Pavan in passing the message across. The characters are just like everyday people and Prachi’s aspirations of achieving fitness after child birth would easily resonate with many women in today’s world.

The Weight Loss Ladder is quite refreshing and indeed a paradigm shift from the sort of manuscripts we have become accustomed with in fitness/weight loss niche.

Each chapter of the book ends with an additional “action step” as well as exercises you need to take in order to practice and equally augment what you have learnt so far.

The use of pictures in describing certain scenes and exercises is also another good attribute about the book. Likewise, the way Prachi would ask questions about technical terms she does not understand which Pavan would gladly explain in details is another smart way the author used to carry readers along.

Another low point of the book is the areas where Pavan had to do power exercises with Prachi, I felt that should have been with her husband, Rahul. Even Rahul as a male character was a smart idea to start with since it would cover most areas men would find critical in their exercises while Prachi would cover the areas for women, but that advantage was lost when Pavan involved her in rather masculine exercises instead of doing so with Rahul.

Towards the latter part of the fitness book, the author added critical areas such as nutrition, sleep and other vital areas that are necessary in leading a healthy lifestyle and achieving good results.

Overall, The Weight Loss Ladder is a classic fitness book that could prove effective for anyone desirous of shedding weight and achieving fitness.

However, regardless of the warning at the beginning of the book advising readers to thread with caution when practicing at home, I think most of the exercises that were outlined in The Weight Loss Ladder are conventional in the sense that anyone can actually practice them without being too afraid of experiencing any adverse effect.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help