Dream Physics

This book is a thought-provoking masterpiece virtually everyone would find intriguing to read, but particularly more so for people who don’t like following the bandwagon sheepishly. It will widen your horizon and make you see things differently and more logically!

Weeding Out the Riffraff

This book mirrors the sort of lifestyle a good number of African Americans pass through and is as intriguing as some of the best scripted fictional stories, but what makes it extraordinary is the fact that it all happened to …

Karman (A Novel)

Working alongside his partner, Ryan, Detective Arquette realized they were in a race against time but he was determined to unravel the mystery behind the murders, even if it means checking into a psychiatric home.

Why They Stay

The author also provided comprehensive end-notes that would help the reader to navigate more extensively through the facts that were laid bare in this book.  

A Classic Path through High School

The book is all encompassing, as it covered diverse areas such as philosophy, religion, history, and literature, each with critical lessons that can be a guild to young adolescents. It equally has drawings as well as index and notes to …

About My Father’s Business

  This short book is an in-depth analysis of the Bible written by someone who survived two life threatening experiences and was inspired to dedicate his time and resources toward studying the scriptures and making critical researches about it. The …

Fully Alive

This book is highly recommended for addicts, especially those who have tried other solutions or read books that didn’t help them. At just 184-page long, Fully Alive is a small but mighty book that works like miracle!