This book would certainly open the eyes of many, particularly Christians and others who are desirous of understanding the true meaning of the messages passed across to us, through the scriptures. Not a few readers would be shocked at the extent to which they’ve probably either misinterpreted some biblical events or taken them at their face value without taking into cognizance the underlining message.

Another aspect of the book that makes it outstanding is the way it presented historical events that occurred in the BC and AD era as well as their implications on the contemporary world. The chronological order, complete with their exact dates of occurrence and the impact they made is so revealing!

There is no doubt about the fact that the author conducted thorough research in the course of writing this book. One can hardly come across a book detailing Bible occurrences from such a radical perspective yet without bringing about controversy.

This compendium of historical and scriptural facts is highly recommendable and anyone who enjoys thinking outside the box would consider it a treasure.

BIO: A professional Accountant by education and training. Have been working for umpteen years in the field of financial reporting, corporate finance and taxation in multiple organizations of various sizes ranging from small medium enterprises to public quoted companies. A firm believer in the Gospel of Light through Christ Jesus. The greatest joy in life is to discover man’s truthful identity in God. I am eternally grateful for God’s gift of truth and grace in the Word of God, in Christ Jesus. Every living soul in the history of mankind is a child of God. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! Amen.

Genre: Christian, Non-Fiction, Religious, Spiritual