This book is a nonfiction story that is highly intriguing and captivating, one that will certainly hold its reader spellbound as they try to come to terms with the dreadful experiences the narrator was made to pass through.

Canaa was denied parental love and care during her formative years, as the people that ought to be a source of encouragement to her turned out to be a torn in her flesh. Just like kids of her age, all she wanted was to be given a sense of belonging. However, the more she tried to get closer to her Dad, the more he spurned her. As if all that wasn’t enough grief to last a lifetime, Canaa was also at the receiving end of racism—not even her excellent performances and good grades were ever recognized.

The rejection had a devastating psychological trauma on Canaa that lasted for so many years until she found Christ and took drastic decisions that enabled her to rise from the ashes of despair toward living a fulfilled life.

This amazing book has lots of lessons that would help readers to make necessary adjustments that will ultimately improve their lives.


BIO: Canaa Lee received her professional counseling training from Liberty University. She is recognized and ordained by the National Association of Christian Ministers. Canaa’s twenty years of experience in writing personal memories shines through her recent collection of Facebook posts, professional research and discussion post and blogs that capture the essence of personal experiences as a faithful and devoted woman of God. She diligently reads and studies the Word of God.

Canaa earned an online certification in Biblical Evangelism from Living Waters. In 2017, she and her brother hosted an online radio show, Bread of Life Talk Show. In 2020, she founded Divine Inspirations Ministries, a Christian biblical-based counseling ministry. Canaa enjoys spending with her family and best friend, her Sensational Sibling, Justin.

Genre: Biography, Christian, Memoir, Non-Fiction