Schooling Your Kids through a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived with a “Big Bang” that drastically affected normal everyday living globally. Its adverse effects were far reaching, disruptive and quite unprecedented in recent times. Among the sectors that were hard-hit is the educational system.  Schools suddenly shut its doors to students who were forced to return home to parents who were obviously poorly equipped to handle their educational needs, thus leaving behind a huge vacuum that has to be filled.

This book is a great effort toward filling the educational gap that was created by the pandemic. It is a step-by-step guide that will help parents to effectively rescue the situation and ensure their kids does not lose focus or momentum towards achieving their educational goals.

The author did a great job of factoring reliable various ways through which parents or guardians can assist their kids to keep abreast with the school curriculum—guilt-free!

With this book, you no longer have to fret unnecessarily over a terrible situation you can’t change, knowing that your kids are not lagging behind in any way.  Either through remote learning or homeschooling, as well as other viable options that were presented in this book, your kids will eventually emerge from the uncertainty of the pandemic, brighter.


BIO: Kirsten Schuder is an international award-winning author. Her first publishing venture with her coauthors, Rev. Dr. John W. O’Connor, PhD and Shawn Valor, earned an award based on their book Farming Industrial Hemp Not Your Daddy’s Tobacco only three months after publication. Their book has been influential in the establishment and legalization of America’s newest agricultural crop.

Kirsten’s second book, Schooling Your Kids Through a Pandemic, offers a critical look at how the U. S. government has handled the pandemic and what this means for every family. The book provides strategies on schooling at home, how parents can partner with teachers and their kids’ school to maximize their success, and how to switch to homeschooling if necessary. No child should be left behind during the pandemic.

Kirsten resides in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia with her family and a myriad of pets and farm animals. She has been telecommuting for almost a decade, homeschooling her kids for over a decade, and writing most of her adult life. Presently, she works with various online publications, writes her own books, and runs Apex Literary Management, a growing boutique literary agency.

Genre: Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Self-Help