The Diary of Anne Monroe

Going through this book feels more or less like reading two interesting stories at the same time. Margaret had barely moved into a bigger but old Victorian house with her adoptive family when she accidentally found an old diary under a loose floorboard. As she read the diary, she discovered a striking similarity between her and the person she was reading about. Little did she know it will lead to a chain of events that will eventually unravel her root and a new phase in her life.

Other characters in the book include Grace, Alexis, James, Mr. Martin, Tom, Anne, Frank, and Sheri among others.

The Diary of Anne Monroe is an interesting book about family life, relationship and what life could be like for a girl seeking to find her biological mother against all odds.


BIO: Heidi Andrews was born in Philadelphia, Pa in June of 1982 and has been writing since she was 9 years old. She attended Penn State Mont Alto after graduating from High School on June 14, 2000 and majored in Journalism. Heidi is currently studying online with the University of Phoenix majoring in Business Health Care Administration as well as working on her second novel and she lives in Bristol, Pa with her husband and daughter and two cats.

Genre: Memoir, Suspense