A Course in Christianity

The moment I started reading this book, it gave me a relaxing and peaceful feeling I hardly experience especially when I’m reading nonfiction works.  Just as the title implies, the book is for Christians and all those who believe in salvation and a life of eternity after our sojourn here on earth.

The author did a great job of passing across his message on how to leave a worthy life as a Christian, by using relatable illustrations. Similarly, it was written like poetry sort of, and it made reading it aloud quite enjoyable.

Unlike some other Christian books I have come across, A Course in Christianity isn’t judgmental in approach yet has far reaching effects as it tends to give lots of food-for-thought through messages that were passed across in a subtle way.

Due to the way it was written, A Course in Christianity belongs to the category of books one would hardly get tired of reading, this is because each moment of flipping through its pages tends to give a new insight.

It is certainly a book every believer of the gospel should have.

Genre: Christian, Non-Fiction, Religious