The Way We Were

The Baby Boomer era was indeed a watershed in the annals of the United States, with its socio-cultural upheavals. Later generations grew up to hear thrilling stories about how things used to be during this period. However, it is rare to find books that capture the events in such a gripping and more personalized way as this author did.

Jimmy was born during this interesting period and as a typical kid back then, he lived what could be considered a very adventurous and exciting life with relatively so much fun and communal love which unfortunately is in contrast to what is obtainable today.

Any reader going through “The Way We Were” would be shocked at how much things have changed over time. To most of us that didn’t witness it, this book is indeed an enchanting eye-opener. However, for the senior citizens who saw it all, it will surely bring back a deluge of fond memories and nostalgia.

This nonfiction is a true life story like no other, as Jimmy, alongside three other main characters recounted the fads, technology, politics and indeed the sights and sounds of that era complete with pictures!


BIO: Written over 750 magazine and newspaper articles and columns published in various magazines, newspapers, and online covering a spectrum of topics ranging from health, lifestyles, and terrorism to technology culture, food, business, and the workplace. Author of The Minority Career Guide (published by Petersons, Princeton, NJ), Walking in the Clouds – Colombia through the eyes of a gringo (named one of the best books on Colombia of all time by BookAuthority), and The Way We Were – The Baby Boomer Story (forward by Tony Testa leader of the Duprees).

Genre: Memoir, Non-Fiction