Caterpillar is a very well written novel is captivating, exciting, and, at times, creepy. The author does a wonderful job in painting the scene through character backstory and vivid detail, while presenting plot twists at every turn. When I began reading the story, I was blown away when Johnny meets Ellie because I had thought that the book was going to have a real-world setting. I was delightfully surprised at the text’s ability to change narratives and excite the reader. The tale of demons, immortals, and overall fantasy drew me in as a thrilling adventure. The author serves a riveting addition to the fiction genre by including mystical experiences throughout the book. From beginning to end, Caterpillar builds reputability with its mastery of the English language to the point of building a poetic atmosphere with its audience through unparcelled use of correct grammar, spelling, and artistic ability. The book also serves a specific audience of seeking individuals who are looking for a slight chill to add to their weekend reads.

Throughout Caterpillar, I, as a first-time reader, felt an immersion of wonder as I went on the adventure with Johnny. This piece exemplifies its ability to provide the reader with solid backstory, while enticing the reader for what’s to come in the following pages. One of the greatest aspects of the writing is that it does NOT give away the ending before it needs to. While foreshadowing is prominent, it does not interfere with the reader’s guessing game of what will come next. Instead, it simply annotates useful, kind nudges toward limitless possibilities of endings, leaving the reader with questions for a satisfying ending. On occasion, the characters have unrealistic reactions to the things that are happening within the story. However, these inconsistencies are often explained by the fantasy-like actions of the characters. I found that this piece was actually very heart warming in terms of Johnny’s relationship with Azzy. In many ways, they made the story brilliant and exciting. Focusing on their relationship will only strengthen the story’s narrative.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the adventure that is Caterpillar. I was thrilled by the intertwined relationships between the characters and the powerful plot twists that kept me guessing throughout the journey. I have a great feeling that you will be successful in your goals for your story! Thank you for giving me the honor of working with you!


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