Sales Demystified

In today’s highly competitive business world, the most critical challenge facing virtually all businesses/brands is how to make more sales. Tons of books that claim to have solutions to sales have been written by diverse authors over the years, but most of the great ones are now obsolete to the realities of contemporary salesmanship. Sales Demystified is a modern and realistic compendium of how a salesperson can go from being a scared rookie to a bold professional with a tendency to make sales with ease.

The author compiled what he termed the Ten Commandments of Sales Success where he provided a practical step-by-step approach that leads to impressive results. Having already practiced what he is now preaching, that enabled him to get to the zenith of his career as a salesman; Steve has now made his knowledge of the industry available to both aspiring and established salespersons to leverage upon.

Aside the amazing ideas contained in Sales Demystified, one unique thing that stands this book apart from others is the communication style. Unlike some authors that are reprimanding in approach, here, the message is laced with candor which is quite refreshing to read.

Sales Demystified would certainly help any salesperson to succeed exceptionally.


BIO: Steve Rangoussis rose through the ranks from a full commission outside sales rep to Chief Sales Officer, where his sales force outperformed others worldwide. Steve is an author and a sales leadership consultant who offers support to startups with dual-sided marketplaces as well as SMB. His experience is supported with an MBA from the University of Southern California and certifications from the University of Chicago and Cornell University.

Genre: Business