An ex-soldier named Pae had moved to a small town, deep in the South. However, it wasn’t long before strange things began to occur. It started in the form of bizarre nightmares and a little platinum blonde girl that ran into him out of the blues. Regardless of the warnings by the Sheriff and local folks, Pae was determined to find the elusive girl and save her from gross abuse. The odds may be against him as he was vulnerable and with little resources at his disposal, but giving up was not an option.

Just as the name of the book may suggest, there are sections of it that are gut wrenching and some quite erotic. However, there are others that are so hilarious you can’t help going from chuckling to laughing out loud.

Characters in the book include Charlene, Reverend Smalls, Mr. Busbee, Mrs. Moffat, Carolyn, and Mark Busbee among others.

The book has well developed characters and a distinctly unique plot—it will definitely make anyone’s day!


BIO: D. Brent Isbell is a father of three (now adult) children, owner of a lovable pit bull and a psychotic but sweet cat, and the feeder of countless wild birds that daily invade his backyard in the U.S. desert southwest. He is a military war veteran with a career spanning twenty-six years, now earning his living in the private sector. A product of the darker side of Generation-X in the rural Deep South, D. Brent Isbell has endured a lifelong battle with the deep-seated psychological effects of childhood sexual abuse compounded by dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety-induced breathing difficulties, Tourette Syndrome, and the stresses associated with long-term family violence. With the aid of cognitive therapy and a small but strong social support structure, the author has come to terms with past traumas and has discovered a way to convert those negative forces into positive, constructive energy by writing dark, horrifying, reality-based tales laced with empathy, compassion and hope.

Genre: Psychological