Spellbound is a fantasy book that contains lots of short stories about characters that have amazing capabilities. The scenes are clearly described and its characters are well developed which creates a vivid picture in the mind of the reader.

Due to the very short nature of the stories contained in the book, as well as the magical and superhuman qualities of its major characters, Spellbound will be ideal for children or just about anyone that enjoys reading fantasy books.

At just 123 pages long, the book is relatively short which is the only drawback for me, considering how captivating each of the stories is, and their great plots, so there is no doubt that a large room exist that could be utilized in order to extend its reading pleasure.

Going through the book feels like a roller coaster activity as one thrilling short story tumbles into another even more enjoyable one.

Spellbound belongs to the class of those classics you wouldn’t want to finish reading and you end up hoping there would be a continuation.

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller