Starship Malaysia

Scott Mitchell had a very turbulent childhood; his father was insensitive and self-centered which eventually resulted in the breakup of his parent’s marriage. Tragedy followed not long after when his father and step mother died suddenly in an auto crash.

Scott was already suicidal when he left his bustling Palo Alto neighborhood in California for Malaysia. The ensuing culture shock was something he didn’t bargain for as things were very different in the developing Muslim Asian nation. However, little did he knew he was embarking on a risky adventure that would culminate in saving lives and helping to expose a criminal syndicate operating in the Far East.

Characters in the book include Scott Mitchell, Agnes, Jon, Waz, Pete, Saleh, Chengjin, Ratface, Adam and Rayaan among several others.

The story began on a pulsating note as the reader wonders if a tragedy was about to occur, and the intriguing narrative style of the author also adds to the buildup of a great story. Most readers would definitely enjoy Starship Malaysia!


BIO: Hi, I’ve lived and worked in many different countries and my first book, Drawn into Danger, set in Algeria, is a reflection of my time spent there. It is a fictional story, but the places are real. I’ve included a picture of my police ID to give you a flavour of who I was then. Time passes, and in later years, I started to reflect on what had been. Fiction gives you the freedom to explore different scenarios and allows the imagination to soar. I hope you enjoy reading it.


Genre: Adventure, Crime