The plot revolves around Zhila, a hearing impaired girl born to Jewish parents in Tehran, Iran. Zhila had to contend with not just her disability but also a very hostile environment. Surviving a murderous regime and ultimately arriving the shores of United States may have seemed like an end to her predicaments, but the battle was far from over.

This story is a powerful reminder that truth sometimes can indeed be stranger than fiction! It would be difficult for even the most hard-hearted to go through The Lip Reader without at least being emotional and feeling moist in the eyes. Lest I forget, there are equally lots of witty lines interspersed throughout the course of the book that would literally have you rolling on the ground with laughter.

Characters in the book include Ziggy, Zandra, Sabra, Rebecca, Zanna, Goli, Parry, Fayaad, Solomon and Mickey etc.

A striking feature that makes this book a lot more interesting to read, is the analytical and refreshing way it was written. Thus it comes natural for the reader to not just like the protagonist but also to easily relate with her worldview.

The Lip Reader is a masterpiece you wouldn’t want to miss for anything!


BIO: After graduate school, Michael Thal moved to Southern California in 1973 from the frigid Northeast. He taught elementary and middle school for 28 years until a freak virus left him deafened. At the age of 50, he reinvented himself as a writer composing over 80 published articles in print magazines as well as novels for middle grade and high school aged students.

These books include Goodbye Tchaikovsky, The Abduction of Joshua Bloom, and The Koolura Series—The Legend of Koolura, Koolura and The Mystery at Camp Saddleback, and Koolura and the Mayans.

Genre: Chick-lit