Through The Raging Storm

The small tourist town of Vanderpool had always been peaceful and serene until the night an alarming storm hit it. Two witnesses claimed they saw strange balls of lights over the hills while the storm raged. Could it have been a plane crash, meteors or even aliens arriving? No one could explain. Although he didn’t believe in UFOs but Joe Garner took it upon himself to unravel the mystery behind the strange lights. As he gathered strange objects and conducted investigations with the help of two others, he never thought it would eventually result in an unprecedented and shocking outcome that will get NASA involved. Would it herald an unprecedented situation or just an illusion? Only time will tell.

Other characters in the book include Martha, Pete, Matt, Scotty, Roger, Danny, Ross, Grace, Doc and Randy among others.

In the midst of all that was happening around him, Joe couldn’t help falling in love with the woman that mattered most to him. He routinely shared some nice recreational moments with Martha until they realized they meant much more to each other.

Through The Raging Storm is a thrilling story full of suspense, adventure and love. A book that will surely make anyone’s day!


BIO: The author has worked in theoretical physics, corporate finance and software development. He has traveled extensively and was a co-founder and officer of a non-profit providing micro-finance in Tanzania. Most important is his curiosity and his love of reading. All of this fuels his work centered on how ordinary people cope with unexpected events that change their lives. He believes story telling can broaden awareness and insight into our world.

Genre: Contemporary, Science Fiction