Amber in Autumn

One critical aspect of short stories hovers on the ability of the author to cut to the chase by effectively crunching the plot without living out important details—and that is the case with this book. By the time the reader is through with the first page, he or she would be able to understand each character and the direction the book is going. Thus making it easy for readers to grasp events regardless of whether they have read the preceding books in the series or not.

Although the book centers on Amber Reyes, however it commenced at the wedding of Sunny Ray, her cousin who was more or like a twin sister to her, and one could instantly feel the euphoria that is usually associated with weddings.

Another notable aspect of the book is its relatively large number of characters and they include Skye, Evan, Paris, Olivia, Greg, Libby, Enrique, Rawlings, Liza etc.

Amber in Autumn may be a short story but it can have a far reaching effect on the reader as it throws up emotions in areas such as family life, relationship, and love among others.

Genre: Romance
Series: Seasons of Destiny |