Body Language


Body Language is a collection of short stories, written in a refreshingly deep, yet poetic way. The book is made up of twelve distinct stories. Although, all the stories are concise in nature, the author did a good job of summarizing events without cutting out important details.

The first story; The Body of Water, is quite emotional and suspenseful. It’s about a man named John who could not marry the love of his life. He had watched with bottled-up dismay as another man walked Sally down the aisle. However, decades later, Sally made a shocking appearance at his home, now made up of his wife and two kids. However, despite the years gone by and all that happened in-between, John discovered that the fire Sally ignited in him never died completely.

The other eleven stories contained in the book such as Hunger, The Memory Palace and Tito’s Descent among others, are all thrilling despite having unrelated plots and characters.

Body Language is the perfect book for anyone that desires to enjoy short classic stories.

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense