Embrace Life’s Randomness

What is the actual essence of life and why do we take certain paths in our journey through life? Is it fate that predetermine how our realities unravel or do they depend solely on our actions and inactions over time? Not a few people have pondered over these thoughts but this book goes the extra mile in explaining it.

Embrace Life’s Randomness is a thought-provoking book that deeply analyzes the human mind and also makes a connection between it and the universe, and how every other thing revolve around both. This book is an eye-opener that reveals how we can subconsciously bring about what we desire in life.

Life is truly short but while some people manage to live through it happily, others fail to do so. What makes all the difference is when we understand the keys to enduring happiness, as explained in this book.

Embrace Life’s Randomness may be only 110 pages long but it could positively change people’s lives!


BIO: Globally recognized advisor, career development coach, consultant, mentor, and author Brent M. Jones brings his vast talent and decades of experience in leadership to help every person on their journey to finding true happiness and pride in their work.

With his proven strategies and insights for career development, Brent has lent his knowledge to everyone, from individuals needing guidance to large conglomerates requiring expert consulting. His works are innovative, adaptable to real-life scenarios, and genuinely actionable for job seekers at any level.
Brent urges every mentee to follow their passion and build personal success by listening to their inner voice because – it’s been there all along, and Brent is the perfect mentor to draw it out.

It’s about time you let the world see your worth. Brent’s book “Embrace Life’s Randomness Breathe in the Amazing” presents thoughts on Random Events. Whether you believe that everything happens for a reason or that free will creates unforeseen options, the events of our life clearly shape us, not by what they were, but by how we see them each time we consider them. The point was that we had a choice in putting together the narrative.

Genre: Self-Help