Jimmy Dugan was a smart and excellent cop who quickly rose through the ranks, all thanks to his brilliance. However, when a corpse was found stuck headlong into a trash can, it would prove a hard nut to crack. Regardless of the hurdles before him, Jimmy was determined to unravel the murder case, even if it means stepping on the toes of big shots.

A very interesting thing about this book is the refreshing and vivid way the author describes each character and events as they unfold, thus making it easy for readers to visualize everything like they are watching a motion picture.

The witty lines used by the author, as well as the thought process of the characters were downright hilarious—I literally couldn’t stop laughing, especially when the plot got to Mrs. Waldrop and some other characters.

Other characters in the book include Annie Waldrop, Jimmy, Eddie, Nigel Butler, Mr. Antonio Good, Joey Davies, Mrs. Josephine Good, Mrs. Mary Harwood, Blake Morris, Tyler Perkins etc.

Everybody Lies is not just an interesting crime thriller but one that has a good plot and well developed characters. It belongs to the elite class of books you would find interesting to read over and over again.

This book is absolutely recommendable—a classic crime story that would make anyone’s day.

Genre: Mystery