Jane Austen Lied to Me

The first thing that would strike any person that comes across this book is most likely going to be its funny title. However, that is just the beginning of the countless chuckles and quiet smiles the reader would have to contend as the story progresses. The plot revolves around Elizabeth Barrett; the main character who narrated the story in the most down-to-earth and comical way possible.

Reading the book no doubt has a refreshing and relaxing ambience to it, at least I felt so myself. There are no chapters, rather the book was written in a diary-like fashion with dates demarcating distinct scenes.

Elizabeth narrated her everyday activity at the college, beginning from her freshman period. Anyone who has passed through college can easily identify with most of the issues she faced and her thought process in dealing with some challenges.

Other characters in the book include Anne, David, Wendy, Darcy, John, Tiffany, Dale, Allie, Ken and professor Jacobson among others.

As you must have thought about the title of the book, the story surely has lots of mention about Jane Austen’s classic—Pride and Prejudice.

An interesting book anytime, any day!

Genre: Satire