Malila of the Scorch

This book is a sequel of sorts to Exile’s Escape but with some new characters such as Edie, EffieCee, Elise and Cain. The beginning has Grandpa Moses who was a witness some of the events that happened in the past, now recounting the exploits of Malila and the others to his grandchildren namely Anton, James, Nathan, Lilyanne, and Lizbeth in the presence of Grandma Sally.

As Moses goes down memory lane to bring back to life, the story that shaped the lives of the iconic personalities; some of whom the kids have read about in books. The dateline changes once again, as they are taken on a time travel backwards. However, it is interesting to note that the books viz-a-viz the events that occurred in them are refreshingly different.

Attacks by the Unity State continued against the RSA but as Malila was trying to escape, Jourdaine captured her at the Rapart. However, Splanch was able to save Malila but she was shocked to realize that Splanch was not just a plant, but also has healing powers and the ability to speak.

The book is quite enjoyable to read, however, its plot and character make-up is more of fantasy in nature.


BIO: Born in Chicago and raised outside Philadelphia, Clark, a physician, has taught and practiced intensive care for newborn infants on four continents and eight countries, as he continues to do after more than forty-five years on the job. He lives with his bride of over 40 years in Alabama. He has been an avid solo hiker, backpacker, and climber since he was a mere lad of 11. Some of his stories are true.
He has traveled extensively to Rwanda, Kenya, India, Ecuador, Zambia, and Ghana as a volunteer physician.
“Outland Exile,” a Pinnacle award recipient, (iUniverse, Oct 2015) and ExilesEscape (Indigo River Feb 2018 and also a Pinnacle awardee) are the first two of an expected five-book series called “Old Men and Infidels” centering on aging, medical care, drug use, cybernetics, society and faith in a future dystopian America.
The third book (Malila of the Scorch) was released Nov 2019.

Genre: Dystopian, Political, Science Fiction
Series: Old Men and Infidels |