Planet Storyland

Quentin lived with his family in a planet called Gliese. They were far more advanced than the humans that occupied earth. Out of curiosity, he began to research about humans who they referred as earthlings. Even though it was obvious that Gliese and Earth shared a lot in common, including the inhabitants but Quentin believed those living on earth were less developed and in a state of near chaos. As Quentin read more about the Earthlings through Randolph Reed Stewart’s book, and how their focus was limited on just three motivators, he developed a strong urge to help them. However, how to convince his parents to allow him embark on such a far and dangerous journey to Earth becomes a huge challenge.

Characters in the book include Quentin, Carmen, Mrs. Anderson and a few others.

Planet Storyland is a short fantasy story that is exciting to read. It has only 63 pages and is ideal for young people. It can also broaden the imaginations of the reader and make them reason more objectively.


BIO: I was born August 14, 1958 in Cincinnati Ohio, and my parents named me James Sherwood Metts. My life has been one circuitous episode after another. There were times when I was inspired and there were times when I reflected on my not so uplifting choices. I was always looking for something to do next and to increase my confidence. Decades went by and I began to wonder if, and when, I was going to make a decision about how I wanted my life to be. Eventually I came up with this idea to prove to myself that I knew what I was thinking and talking about all those years through writing. I love life. I can’t think of anything else better than being alive. And, to show my sincere appreciation I am going to share my inspiration, PLANET STORYLAND, with as many people who believe that life is absolutely amazing!

Genre: Literary Fiction, Young Adult