The Band Room

Angel was still struggling to come to terms with his parent’s divorce when he was arrested and slammed with a massive 90 days community service, for a crime he didn’t commit—he was only at the wrong place, and at the wrong time. The judge’s decision meant he wouldn’t be able to participate in the school football team. Life couldn’t have been more miserable for the final year, Hoag High School student. However, from the ‘lows’ in his life evolved new opportunities he didn’t envisage.

Other characters are Ms. Carpenter, Roberts, Larch, Delores, Mr. Garcia, Clarissa, Hashim and Skyler among others.

The characters in the book are well-developed and the plot is also interesting as it revolves around high school activities as well as typical challenges faced by members of a broken family.

The Band Room is an entertaining book that captures not only the sort of things that happen in high school but also the larger society. It is absolutely worth reading!


BIO: I teach band, choir, and guitar classes at a high school in Colorado. In my life, So beloved am I as a teacher that when I ran for Congress in 2016, two out of three voters indicated that I should keep on teaching. I am married to an English teacher which is both a blessing and a curse for a writer.

Genre: Young Adult