The Good Father


Tom Knight was on a routine early morning bicycle ride when he encountered a fatal accident scene. The victim was already dead or so he assumed, but lying by his side was a briefcase filled with cash.  He was already in dire need of money to pay for his son’s surgery. Thus the temptation was one he couldn’t resist. He rolled the vehicle along with the victim into a nearby canal and made away with the fortune.

Tom understood that his action was wrong and extremely dangerous. There are chances he could end up in jail or possibly murdered by an angry drug cartel. But he was willing to face it all provided he saves his son.

Characters in the book include Tito, Vero, Kallen, Daphne, Dr. Bill, Garcia, Guy Fawkes, Lilith, and Jonny etc.

Tom assured himself that he has covered his tracks well but unfortunately for him, even the best-laid plan can still go awry. He has only succeeded in opening a Pandora’s Box…..

The Good Father is a thrilling novel that feels like watching a Hollywood action movie, complete with all the violence and suspense!


BIO: I have three previously self-published books on Amazon. Dread, Finding Nowhere, and Drawer #7. I am seeking an editorial review for a new book I will publish end of October. I love writing but have no formal training.




Genre: Thriller