The StarMind Alert

After his successful attempts at stopping the Russians with the help of Gilda, his psychic partner, detective Jim now a lieutenant was needed again but this time to eliminate Abdul Ahmad. Still smartening from the key role he played in preventing terror attacks on Franklin and its wider implications on the United States; Jim is no longer regarded as “insane” but now has a reputation that goes before him despite being a small city cop. The CIA and FBI having failed to accomplish the task, all hope is now on Lieutenant Jim Sato and Gilda to take out the Arab terrorist and restore sanity. However, it would also mean going through synesthesia, the dangerous but necessary process that would give him the powers of a psychic. The mission is no doubt the most dangerous they would embark upon and there is no guarantee they would come back alive.

Characters include Judy Sato, Chief Starkey, Mr. Kosovich, Dr. Trunnell, and Arthur Donnelly etc.

The StarMind Alert is sequel to Eye of the Star, and like it, is a highly enjoyable thriller with a plot that encompassed contemporary geopolitics as well as the use of advanced technology and would keep the reader engrossed till the end.


BIO: Born in 1932, R. H. Kohno (a pen name) has been interested in writing ever since he had a couple of poems published by his teacher when he was five years old. He was thrown into the concentration camps with his mother during WWII while his father was arrested by the FBI since he had access to a fishing boat and was suspected of contacting nonexistent enemy submarines. He was put into separate detention centers. After the war, Kohno repatriated to war-torn postwar Japan to spend thirteen years there in isolated exile as an outsider and American lookalike. Returning to the United States after a stint working for CIA in Tokyo, he settled down to get married and complete his college education, eventually earning a B.A. in English and being elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He kept alive his interest in writing and in 2001 produced his first novel, The Last Fox, A Novel of the 100th/442nd RCT. It has been followed by other works, the latest of which is Starburst Over China

Genre: Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller