A Game of Greed and Deception: A Mystery Drama – by John Mathews – Review

Twisted, dark thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end

How to make a rich, married woman fall for you? If you want to know the truth, then read this ebook. This is not a dating guide for men at all, but contains several universal truths and priceless quotes which redefine both masculine and feminine psychology. To illustrate my point, just take a look at the following passage, “If I wanted some hot, buff stud, I would’ve had to settle for a poor, boring dimwit. I’d rather have a man who is sensitive, brilliant, and charming. And let’s not forget how successful you’ve been…”

Interestingly, in spite of several deeply thoughtful and interesting passages, the ebook is as much a page turner as any third-rate pulp fiction. So what differentiates the two? Quality, of course. This ebook has a decent story which hits home quite hard and is not filled with cheap thrills. Such a high quality story in a self-published novel was a bit unexpected for me. The motions through which both Stephen and Tammy went through are something most lovers go through as well. The profanity seems to be a bit out of place, given the setting, but regardless, it didn’t keep me from enjoying this ebook. I highly recommend it to any crime thriller fan who loves dark books with twisted endings!

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