Almost Lost Hope: From Struggles to Triumph – by Jimi Akanbi – Review

I believe this is an extraordinary and inspiring ebook which would appeal to most people whether or not they are Christians. I am not one but this heart-rending and motivating story really touched the core of my heart. The first thing I liked is that the author has an appreciable sense of humor which shows through his writing; at other times his writing is serious as Church sermons. Consider the following passages:

“The trick I employed was, playing hard during the regular school session and studying very hard during examination period.”

“Throughout my high school years, I was labeled a Christian but never practiced it. …I returned to church just before the program ended.”

“Corn flakes were perceived as a class of food for the elites while beans were labeled as poor food.”

“This is a heavily anointed man of God who has healed the sick, delivered the oppressed and raised the dead. However, a simple headache refused to be terminated.”

“During all this drama at the airport my brother entered any shop to buy any incense or any spiritual spray that he believed could deal with my situation.”

“My father had leveraged his connections to get many people jobs in the past but mine did not come through”

“Parents should never impose any career path on their children except when it is from God.”

The initial part of the story was really funny and interesting, as I got to learn about the Nigerian way of life a little bit: the story about one driver who assumed his master was in the car even when he was not and actually drove up to his destination without realizing it, the stories of the author’s ill-luck with girls in general at high school and his getting bullied by them, etc. Then it got a bit serious. Like the author, I was an introvert too and so scared of reading and public speaking that I would stammer in these classes while being excellent in writing, both in school and college, so that is something I could easily relate to.

As the story progressed, it became deeper and sadder, from the author’s failing health to his marriage and divorce, his struggle with low-paying jobs in the USA despite having excellent business degrees to his credit, etc. What kept me engrossed is the fact that never for once did this man lose his faith in God. It is amazing that someone who was not much into church activities in his school days would turn out to be such an ardent believer and worshipper of God in his later years. Even more amazing is the fact that author can write such amazing books in spite of his health condition. I am deeply honored to read this book and I hope to have the privilege of reading his other books too in the future.

Oh, did I mention? There is even some health advice in this ebook about which foods are good and which are bad for our bodies!

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