Choosing Happy: M/M Romance (More Than Friends Book 3) – by Aria Grace – Review

This ebook is indeed a refreshing change from the last two ebooks. No more Ryan and Zach, this installment is all about Steve and Steve only. The narrative changes to first-person so that we can get a better idea of what’s inside Steve’s mind. In the previous ebook Steve was somewhat of a prick who was, indirectly of course, the reason between a temporary breakup between Zach and Ryan. In this ebook however, his character takes on a different turn. Steve undergoes an amazing transformation. He is deeply remorseful of his past deeds and wants to redeem himself; we also learn how he’d lost a father figure early in life. We soon realize that he is not the prick we thought he was; indeed he is a real gentleman with a golden heart.

And he finds the perfect guy for the purpose of his redemption too: an abused and tormented kid in trouble. He is careful not to get his desires cloud his better judgment unlike the last time. He tells himself he just wants to protect the kid from his tormentors and wants nothing sexual to do with him. But with the kind of frequent hard-ons Steve gets whenever he sees the cute, sexy and young Joey, will he be able to resist the urges of his innards and if so, for how long?

As he resolves to protect the runaway kid abused by a Mafia pervert, he struggles hard to keep his sexual urges from getting the better of him. Joey, the runaway kid, is sexy, young and fresh – Steve would love to get his thing into his pants as soon as possible but he also knows how his insurmountable desire had almost ruined a budding relationship last time so he tries hard to control himself this time.

Meanwhile, Joey is rapidly transforming himself from a troubled and timid kid to someone Steve would love to take to the bedroom – but only IF Joey is absolutely comfortable with the idea. Steve doesn’t want to take any more risks and burn any more bridges with people. The question remains – will their relationship ever make it to sex, or will Steve just remain a father figure to Joey? I’d bet the twist in the end is not what you were expecting!

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