Crochet Afghans: Discover How to Crochet a Perfect Afghan in Less Than a Day – by Emma Brown – Review

I have read a few crocheting guides so far but Emma Brown’s book “Crochet Afghans: Discover How to Crochet a Perfect Afghan in Less Than a Day” struck quite another chord with me. I have not, regretfully, been able to master crocheting thus far hence I decided to buy this ebook with the hope that this would be my last purchase of its kind. And thankfully, this time I was not disappointed. First of all, the language is so lucid that anyone, in fact even someone who has not even heard the word ‘crocheting’ can get up and running in less than one day. The book is a very short manual which means you can spend more time actually practicing what you have learned instead of learning! Another great thing about this ebook is that there are videos accompanying most lessons (all the lessons are short to make it easy for the reader)! From basics to tools and materials you would need to use to the various kinds of patterns you can make use of, Emma discusses everything. To illustrate how easy it is to follow the ebook, here are a few sample paragraphs from the ebook:

“There are two ways to hold a crochet hook:
The Pencil Grip – which involves holding the hook in the same way you would hold a pencil.
The Knife Grip – which is holding the hook in an overhang grip, in a similar way to how you would hold a knife.
The way you should hold the hook depends on what is the most comfortable for you. Some people like to switch between the holds to prevent hand cramp or weariness.
It’s essential that you select the right crochet hook, not only for the yarn you have selected and the project you’re working on, but also for your comfort. Working with the right hook will make all the difference to your finished project.”

Although the instructions in this ebook are the easiest I have found till date, those instructions did not always match with the patterns shown in the eBook. Maybe it is just because I don’t know much about crocheting that I see it as a drawback, but I wish the author made the instructions a little bit more detailed (even at the expense of sacrificing its brevity). Secondly, the instructions in this eBook are fine if you have a small project to work with; but if you have a larger project then it would take you days to finish it because unfortunately, this book discusses only traditional methods of crocheting which are slow!

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