GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 1) – by James Morcan – Review

This book is just a platform for the authors to advertise their fiction series

Some books are written keeping the readers in mind, while others are written solely for the benefit of the authors. This book seems to fall into the second category. This book is just a platform for the authors to advertise their fiction series, rather than an attempt to educate the reader on the subject at hand. There is little that is original in here. You won’t find here anything that you don’t already know or can’t search for yourself using Google. Even that could be excused because the writing style itself is genius and given the shoddy quality of indie books nowadays, it is well edited and spell checked at least.

However, what could not be excused is that: this book is filled more with ads referring to the author’s fiction series than actual information on how to increase one’s IQ level and that there were no references to other books or sources of material which the readers could refer to for further reading. The reader as a result, is more or less limited within the realm of the speculative, pseudoscientific, self-contradictory ‘research’ quotes which fill half the book, without being offered the option to explore the subject matter further. Suffice it to say that only a fool would buy this pretentious book. I was glad that a friend shared this book with me; I won’t have bought it even for the cheap price displayed here. Rent/loan it if you want to; you will then know that it is too cheaply written to be worth your money.

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