Heir Of The Blood King (Adventures of Adam Book 1) – by W.O. Cassity – Review

I won’t call this book outstanding but it has been a fun read for me. The entire strange environment created by the author so painstakingly where everything is a novelty seems to have paid well, as it makes the book truly fascinating. The story was written well and I could not find anything that was stupid or commonplace. I also didn’t find any plot holes. My only gripe is that apart from the main characters, the many supporting characters (the book has a lot of them) were left underdeveloped; otherwise I would have rated it a five stars without a doubt! That and poor grammar at places…I hope the author hires a truly professional editor next time around because as far as story writing is concerned, he’s no doubt got genuine talent; a little bit of polishing here and there would truly turn his book into a fantastic bestseller. I would also recommend that he adds more dialogs in the book.

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