Her Gentle Sword – by Alan Stroe – Review

This is an awesome ebook. The theme has novelty and the style is quite humorous. The beginning does start with a cliché (women looking for men as soul mates) but from there on the story takes on an originality of its own. I was reminded of some of Shakespearean comedies while reading this story.

As for the story, imagine a world which is ruled by powerful women and men are literally weak slaves at the mercy of these women. How do you think marriages would happen? Well, that’s simple. The two hot female characters have decided to use the old joust strategy to get their mates: only here, there are no white knights in shining armor nor no damsels in distress. In this game women make the rules and women make the ultimate decision regarding whom they would choose to marry (which is of course subject to their whims). Only the lucky winner would get the ultimate reproductive license. Enter three bumbling young men with issues of their own. Dario is a little and apparently weak man but oozes plenty of fortitude and is good at swordsmanship, or so Gwendolyn thinks who has a crush on him after he defeats one of his male opponents. However, that is not the end of the game. His next opponent is a sly fellow called Sylvester, who is a tough cookie. He has a bag of tricks up in his sleeve to confound Dario even before the actual fight starts. Will Dario win this round too, or will he too get defeated like Murray and be shamed by 10,000 booing women? Read this ebook to find out.

This story is almost close to perfection; there is also some ‘female politics’ involved toward the latter part of the ebook. However, I was not too impressed with the dialogs which felt stilted at several places. I also wish women would not just talk about men but also of other important things, especially at the very beginning (they have the POWER at their hands, they can do ANYTHING they want).

Having said that, I love the story and I cannot wait to see the other works of this author.

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