Joshua’s Island – by Patrick Hodges – Review

With alternating viewpoints of Joshua and Eve, the author has taken great pains to delineate both the period of adolescence with all its confusion and uncertainty as well as the menace called bullying. It is an issue that mostly goes unnoticed and unreported in newspapers. A lot of people seem to think that bullying is just part of school life and nothing harmful. Well nothing could be further from the truth. I have been bullied as a kid too so I can understand how it feels to be at the receiving end; the trauma lasts several years after you quit school. The indifference of Joshua’s parents closely matches with that of mine. I like the way the ebook is written in short and simple chapters with lucid language.

The story is about Eve who seem to score poorer in academia compared to her social life and Joshua who was virtually an outcast changed by the friendship of Eve. They find an unnatural connection through their science class: it so happens that Eve socializes so much (thanks to her pal Rhonda’s influence) that she doesn’t make it beyond a D in her school projects; while Joshua, an outcast, is able to concentrate more on his studies and get an A certificate. At first Eve dislikes him (which in turn leads to her poor grade as he happened to be her partner in science projects), because there were all kinds of stories about his contagious skin rashes and how he killed his family cat once. Their relationship evolves gradually so that it doesn’t at all seem contrived. I was very much touched by the story as well as the ray of hope the author seems to offer to those who have been bullied as teenagers. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants some serious reading on the topic. The more people read this ebook the sharper would be the awareness about bullying.

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