No Quarter: Dominium – Novella 1 – by MJL Evans and GM O’Connor – Review

Given that this is a first time work from these authors, I must say that the output is commendable. This is a very promising ebook that does not look like it is written by first time authors. All in all I loved the book. While historical romance is not my forte, I loved the background of the story: pirates. I love reading about pirates lol, though mostly in the ‘action/adventure’ genre. I loved the story, the separation of two sisters, Atia’s getting kidnapped and her being the prize of a game, the romance between that French pirate and Atia, their eventual escape, and the happy reunion at the end: all of it was well done. Throughout the book I felt loads of sympathy for poor Atia and found myself rooting for her.

While a very good effort overall, the language is sometimes anachronistic – this is my personal opinion of course but occasionally I had this strange feeling inside me that “Hey, people of that time period didn’t speak that way!” I do understand that getting the language of people who existed about four hundred years ago one hundred percent correct is virtually impossible, but it is my hope that the second book from these authors would be a bit better in this area. Having said that, the dialogs were very well done. I particularly found this dialog very humorous, I have no idea why; maybe it was just the way it was said that made me chuckle:

“Mr. Coggshall wants ‘em found.” MacAskill imitated and cleared his throat. “Ya work for Bleedin Art, not fuck’n Coggshall. And don’t ya forget it, unless ya want to find yerself on a slave galley bound for the Barbary Coast!”

Also, I wish it was a bit more action packed. Given the genre though, the amount of action was okay, but I was expecting more action and a little less romance haha.

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