Rings of Passage – by Karla Tipton – Review

A medieval romance and a time travel fantasy mixed together in a perfect blend

Imagine that you are a woman who is big into medieval romances and you actually meet one of your romance heroes through time travel (“Nineteen and ninety-one?” He was astounded. “Nearly five hundred years from this day you were born?”)! Well that is exactly what happens to Anise, the heroine of the novel. A lot of books portray King Richard III as a villain or at least as someone extremely cold, but Karla’s Richard III is the kind of man who most women, if not all, would fall head over heels in love with. This Richard III has got the charm of a knight and the charisma necessary to woo any woman he wants. However their love is put through a difficult test when the kingdom of Richard III gets embroiled in war with Henry Tudor. Will Richard III really die at the battle as per his destiny or will Anise’s love be able to save him, especially when the king’s opponent is being protected from harm by magic?

From the way she sketched the king’s character, it is quite evident that Karla has really done her homework well. The prolog of the ebook catches you unawares and compels you to read the ebook in its entirety. Highly recommended for a cozy afternoon read. I couldn’t rate it five stars though because parts of the novel (especially the style of some of the dialogs) were cheesy and sometimes incongruous, given the time period described, but I still enjoyed the story very much.

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