How to live a healthy life is unarguably among the most critical concerns of modern man. Unlike in the past, when most people lived close to nature and were able to eat natural and unprocessed foods that were directly derived from plants and animals, a huge proportion of the global population now live in cities. Due to this factor, lots of people now eat processed foods, some of which are unfortunately not wholesome. These lifestyle changes have triggered the proliferation of health challenges among people.

However, the good news is that something is being done to reverse these dangerous trends. It is quite obvious that the author of this book has done lots of studies and researches, particularly on Asian herbs and how effective they can be as a remedy to some of the health problems we are faced today.

Over the ages, the oriental region of the world i.e. the areas around India, China and South East Asia have become globally famous as a place where unconventional methods or practices have been used effectively in healing certain health challenges.

Considering the extent of work that was done by the author, vis-a-vis how far reaching and comprehensive they were about oriental herbs, I consider this book as the Magna Carta of Asian herbs—a must have for every health conscious person!

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help