Lighten Your Day: Fast, Easy and Effective Stress Relief for When Sh*t Happens

Going through this amazing book as I reviewed it, literally made me sober, when I realized that many of the things I felt doesn’t matter, were actually of critical importance. This book is indeed an eye opener and could prove very helpful to lots of people. Unfortunately for us, our generation unlike the others several decades ago is a very fast paced one. Some of us struggle with multiple jobs in order to pay bills while at the same time multitasking at every giving opportunity just because we all want to achieve more in less time.

This book will likely make you to have a sober reflection on your life just as it did to me. I have always known that stress is never good for anyone and ought to be avoided but I have never come across a well detailed, result oriented and practical-steps-solution stress relief book such as this.

The author did not just stop at merely restating the demerits of stress but equally went the extra mile of proffering real life solutions with parallels drawn along personal experiences and how each stress related problem was overcome.

Another thing I like about the book is the way the author began each chapter with powerful and inspiring quotes from notable people, with each quote making reference on how one stress related issue or the other could be dealt with for the good of our body. Likewise, there were lots of research and study reports from reputable organizations such as United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which the author quoted in order to drive home his point.

There are “Lighten Your Day” activities which are basically exercises the reader is expected to partake in, as a way of putting into practice what has been learnt so far.

This book indeed has the potential to positively change peoples’ lives and make individuals to lead happier and healthier lives!


BIO: During my career I have had the privilege to work in a variety of positions including Sales, Marketing, College Professor and Small Business Owner. Each role had one thing in common – high stress – to the point I was diagnosed with stress-related diabetes and also ended up in the hospital with a severe case of diabetic ketoacidosis, a few hours away from being comatose.

It was a reality check for me. When you don’t have your health, not much else matters. I knew it was time for me to walk away even though I had a great job, secure income and good benefits. Interestingly, my coworkers and peers were very supportive and the majority of them told me they admired my decision to put my health first before my career because they were contemplating the same thing. I realized then that it wasn’t just me, and now I have dedicated my professional career to helping other hard-driving leaders avoid my mistakes and immensely benefit from the wonderful tools and techniques I have learned and experienced first-hand.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help