Jacob was out of job and almost out of marriage too, and was struggling to forge together his life that was in disarray when news got to him that his ageing father has lost his way again, for umpteenth time. His mother was late and his only surviving parent now suffers from dementia.

Regardless of whatever inconveniency he may experience with his Dad’s age-related challenges and dependency, Jacob was determined to overlook all that to ensure he was there for his father as he lived out the remaining years of his life. However, while doing so, he was able to rediscover his true self.

Other characters in the book include Sam, Brooke, Sam, Camilla, Raelyn, Chad, Amelia and a few others.

What could be considered most unique and enchanting about this book are the life lessons and extremely beneficial hacks it teaches. Dad may be a novella with only 118 pages to thumb through but it surely has several memorable lines one could remember for a life time!


BIO: I teach band, choir, and guitar classes at a high school in Colorado. In my life, So beloved am I as a teacher that when I ran for Congress in 2016, two out of three voters indicated that I should keep on teaching. I am married to an English teacher which is both a blessing and a curse for a writer.

Genre: Literary Fiction