The story centers on Kane Hector, a former CIA agent who was dropped unceremoniously and now works as a young professor at the American Institute of Middle Eastern Studies in Cairo (AIMES). However, events took a new turn when he was abruptly recalled to the CIA.

Reading the Haze feels very much like going on a tour round the world and meeting diverse people, cultures, cities/nations etc. as characters in the book connect with one another on a trajectory that aligns with the plot.

Major characters in the book include Lisa, George Moore/the Cardinal, Yubi, Fred Zhang, Ozgur, Fifi, Kero, Ahmed and Zainab, Fabio, and Baxter among others.

The author’s wordplay is quite fascinating and helps the reader to grasp events easily as they occur in the book. Also, to his credit is his in-depth knowledge of global geopolitics which he put to good use in giving the book a real life semblance.

The Haze is a thrilling book that could make anyone’s day.

Genre: Literary Fiction