Drawn to Murder

Gabriella was considered too cute to be a roadside artist, drawing pictures for passersby on Pearl Street. However, she was content with her modest lifestyle until the gruesome murder of a flute player in her neighborhood. What could be the motive of the killer; a platinum flute worth almost a hundred grand, to claim a strategic spot or to avoid certain inconveniences while still earning some revenues? It was a mystery murder and Gabriella was determined to help unravel the killer, not because she wanted to earn bounty for it but to ensure an innocent person wasn’t wrongly implicated. Moreover, the victim was a busker, a fellow street performer who only wanted to earn a living.

However, in trying to fix the puzzle, she may end up putting herself in harm’s way.

Characters in the book are Amara, Pello, John, Dibia, Noah, Miss Marple (a cat), Eos and Bruce etc.

Drawn to Murder is a highly entertaining crime novella with fairly developed characters and a nice and unpredictable plot. It’s a book most readers would enjoy to read.


BIO: I teach band, choir, and guitar classes at a high school in Colorado. In my life, So beloved am I as a teacher that when I ran for Congress in 2016, two out of three voters indicated that I should keep on teaching. I am married to an English teacher which is both a blessing and a curse for a writer.

Genre: Mystery