Fields of Grace is a uniquely interesting book and it captured events that happened over several decades and transcends generations. Grace was on her death bed, waiting for the ‘light’ that will eventually take her to eternity, where John, her late husband was already waiting to receive her.  However, before she embarks on the journey of no return, there were some shocking revelations she will need to make during the small time left, as well as some dreams that still need to be fulfilled by those she was leaving behind.

Other characters in the book include Christian, Sam, Rijel, John, Demelza, Dashiell, Penelope, Ermigarde etc.

At 439 pages long, Fields of Grace is a fairly big book but the good thing about it is that there are no dull moments. It flows seamlessly in a back and forth interwoven rhythm between past and present events. One striking thing any reader will easily note is how the author made ‘passing to the great beyond’ to appear like an amazing experience.

This is no doubt a masterpiece any reader would find highly entertaining.


BIO: Wendy Waters is an author, composer, lyricist and librettist. Born in Australia, she grew up in Sydney, lived in the USA for six years and now divides her time between London, Sydney and Paris. In 2011 Waters volunteered to work with OASIS Salvation Army Crisis Centre in Sydney, helping musically gifted young people. Waters has written three musicals: FRED, ALEXANDER and THE LAST TALE (with composer Shanon Whitelock) and two books, Catch the Moon, Mary and Fields of Grace. Music is a constant theme in Waters’ work.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance