Get Wallet Wise

Get Wallet Wise is an amazing book that teaches financial literacy i.e. everything one needs to know about how to utilize money and make the most out of it. The world is still reeling from the devastating effects of COVID-19, and not a few people are struggling to break even. Therefore, this book is coming at a time it is needed most. The book is quite in-depth and would no doubt enhance the reader’s money management IQ, thus enabling them to make the best decisions that would earn them premium result.

Get Wallet Wise is equally encompassing and covers other areas such as drug use and its financial implications, students loan debts, the pitfalls of credit cards and how to avoid them as well as how to overcome the temptations of instant gratifications etc.

An important factor that stands this book apart from its peers is the fact that the author didn’t just write theories, but equally went the extra mile to proffer practical steps and better alternatives toward achieving the desirable end.

If anyone is in a better position to write a book like this, that person is surely Ken Remsen—a well versed financial coaching expert and maths teacher.

This book is highly recommendable for anyone that wants to live a happy life devoid of money worries, especially in an unstable world.


BIO: As a money expert, Ken Remsen founded WalletWise, LLC, a Financial Coaching business, that helps people become debt free. Unlike many money experts, Ken did not grow up in an affluent home. Ken has seen firsthand the obstacles his family faced with their finances. His family had very little savings and spent borrowed money on unnecessary expenses.
Ken earned a degree in real estate and urban land economics from the University of North Florida by working full time in real estate. He worked during the day and scheduled his classes at college two days a week. He graduated with a four-year degree in three years.
For 3 decades, Ken has studied finance, bought and sold real estate and paid off all personal debt to help create a six-figure stock portfolio. Ken has experience managing and executing a Family Trust.
Ken Dedicates his Service to You
He is dedicated to help you get out of unnecessary debt and reduce your money anxiety. Ken wants you to avoid predatory lending scams, money missteps, and find happiness through living on less that you earn. He wants to teach you how to create positive money habits.
Best-Selling Author
Ken has just released his first book, Get WalletWise, the book that summarizes the many money principles Ken recommends.

Genre: Business, Non-Fiction