Leading With Grit

One of the biggest challenges people face today is how to get out from a rut they’ve found themselves in and make positive changes, be it in the workplace or personal life. Therefore, this masterpiece from Laurie Sudbrink couldn’t have come at a better time. Leading with Grit is an amazing book that is so powerful that it could literally rescue anyone marooned in an island of rut and help them enjoy a more positive life.

There are also tools like the Grit self-awareness assessment chart the reader can utilize to holistically understand themselves and the steps to take to enhance their personal development. Also, from chapters 2 to 12 is all about taking action with what is termed the SHIFT tool, as well as charts, tables and diagrams that were aptly created to make it an exciting experience.

Granted that lots of books have already been written on self-help, however, Leading with Grit is refreshingly different, easily practicable, covers virtually all spheres of life and above all, proves to be result oriented.

Leading with Grit is a book that would do a world of good to anyone that reads it and also practices what it preaches.  Get one today for yourself or your loved one, and I’m positive you will appreciate it 100%!


BIO: Like you, leadership expert and author Laurie Sudbrink has seen effective leadership that makes people want to step up and do more – and she has seen down-right terrible leadership that only inspires people to tell stories of the monstrous boss they have!

So what does it take to be effective? Is it power? Authority? An impressive title?

Of course not.

It’s about doing the right thing, even in the face of the most challenging of times. It’s about never wimping out.

With almost three decades of executive coaching, leadership training, speaking, and most importantly, real-life business experience, her approach is unique. Laurie knows that leadership is not about title, power or position – – – just like we all know the old command-and-control doesn’t cut it. Leadership is the actions you take that make others WANT to follow you (rather than feeling like they have to obey you). And at the end of the day, those actions MUST be in accord with our God-given rights – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Genre: Business